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At Georgia Land Clearing Solutions LLC on of our popular services we provide is Forestry Mulching! Forestry Mulching or Brush Mowing is a Cost effective, less invasive land clearing method that is both great for the environment, and easy on the wallet. This process turns any unwanted vegetation into Bio-Degradable mulch which requires NO burning,NO hauling, NO Piles or NO permits. Besides being cost effective and and good for the environment, the mulch also introduces additional nutrients back into the soils which promote healthier feature trees (typically the larger hardwoods) and greener grasses that will arrive in the weeks to come. Lastly it prevents erosion giving your land more of a controlled environment to promote grass seed to take root faster, and keep your nutrient rich top soil from washing away in the rain. Ultimately, the end result speaks for itself by it giving your property a picturesque "Park-Like" appearance that you, your friends and family, will love for years to come, knowing that Forestry Mulching is a great all around alternative to traditional Bull-Dozers, Excavators, and Dump Trucks which destroy your property. 

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